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Jesper Sjolte

My main topic of research is modeling of the past and present climate using isotope enabled regional and global circulation models. I have mainly studied the Greenland climate for the present, for periods during the most recent glacial and the previous interglacial, the Eemian. Through modeling experiments I have investigated the signature of the North Atlantic Oscillation in isotopic composition of Greenland precipitation (δ18O), as well as the annual cycle and spatial distribution of the source area and circulation proxy the deuterium excess. This has been done in the context of ice core data and observations mainly from Greenland, but also from Iceland and Svalbard.
My present project is focused on the atmospheric circulation over Scandinavia during Holocene, where isotopic proxies from tree cellulose and lake sediments are assimilated and will serve as evaluation of regional model experiments with the model REMOiso.
Basically I am dealing with the question of past and present natural climate variability through the means of advanced modeling and isotopic temperature/circulation proxies.
You can find my PhD thesis here:


Jesper Sjolte
E-post: jesper [dot] sjolte [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se



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