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Nathalie Van der Putten

My research focuses on the post-glacial palaeoecological and palaeoclimatological history of sub-Antarctic islands, mainly based on plant macrofossil analysis. Sub-Antarctic islands are characterised by a tree-less vegetation with a low number of flowering plants. Bryophytes are a major component in all plant associations. The oceanic, cool climate setting with high precipitation all year round, is favourable for the formation of extensive peat deposits. Plant macrofossil analysis, with a special emphasis on mosses, allows to reconstruct the evolution of the local mire vegetation. Changes in species assemblages can be used to infer periods of environmental and climate change during the Holocene and last glacial-interglacial transition. Chronologically well constrained terrestrial records, investigated on a high resolution using a multi-proxy approach are still sparse in the Southern Ocean. Peat-based palaeoclimatic reconstructions from Iles Kerguelen (South Indian Ocean), South Georgia and Islas de los Estados (South Atlantic Ocean) can therefore contribute to our knowledge of the regional climatic evolution and increase our understanding of the atmospheric and marine couplings between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres during periods of climate change.

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Nathalie Van der Putten
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