Helena Alexandersson

Helena Alexanderson


Helena Alexandersson

Residual OSL signals from modern Greenlandic river sediments


  • Helena Alexanderson

Summary, in English

Ripple-laminated sandy deposits at shallow water depths in four rivers on Jameson Land, East Greenland were sampled for optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating. Silt-sized grains have significantly higher equivalent doses (similar to 1.1 Gy) than sand grains (similar to 0.1 Gy). This suggests that coarse grain-size fractions are better bleached and more suitable than fine grains for OSL dating of glaciofluvial/fluvial sediments. A sample from a sidebar deposited during the spring flood yielded 1.0 Gy (similar to 500 years) while a subaerial deposit was completely zeroed. The spring flood deposit is considered to be most similar to deglacial conditions and incomplete bleaching of this amount (1 Gy) is generally not a significant source of error for sediments of Pleistocene age. Most samples have rather poor luminescence characteristics and are affected by thermal transfer if preheat temperatures at or above 260 degrees C are used.


  • Geology


  • luminescence dating
  • OSL
  • glaciofluvial
  • fluvial
  • bleaching
  • Greenland




  • ISSN: 1897-1695